Vintage Walker and Hall Canteen of Cutlery table for 12 people

Vintage Walker and Hall Canteen of Cutlery table for 12 people

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£525.00 Approx $644.17, €611.18

This Walker and Hall 12 place cutlery table, polished in a dark walnut shade, contains two lockable (key present) and baize lined fitted drawers of cutlery raised on four cabriole legs terminating in carved claw and ball feet. The canteen bears an engraved plate saying that it was given as a presentation in 1949. At that time it was brand new. All flatware is stamped W&H sx A1 W&H. The silver plated flatware is in excellent condition and has hardly been used over the years though there is now some yellowing of the bone knife handles. Knife blades etc. are in excellent condition and show no previous damage from sharpening. The wooden top has been replaced with wood which is well polished but slightly uneven. The cutlery comprises:-

12 Table Forks
12 Table Knives
12 Dessert Forks
12 Cheese Knives
1 Mustard Spoon
2 Salt Spoons
1 Sugare Tongs
I Carving Knife and Fork - Beef
1 Carving Knife and Fork - Game
12 Tea Spoons
6 Egg Spoons

12 Soup Spoons
12 Dessert Spoons
12 Fish Knives
12 Fish Forks
1 Butter Knife
2 Sauce Ladles
4 Table Spoons
1 Large Soup Ladle
1 Large Serving Spoon
1 set Fish Servers (Knife and Fork)